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We are Vikings who love MEAD!

From the heart of ancient legends, Nidhoggr Mead was born—a tribute to the resplendent tales of Norse mythology and the timeless allure of this traditional, mystical drink.
Our saga began centuries ago, amidst the echoes of Viking culture, where the ‘drink of the gods’ reigned supreme in the drinking halls of Norse communities all around Europe.
Inspired by the reverence for this legendary elixir, our journey unfolded. Guided by the values deeply embedded in the essence of mead-making traditions, and obsessed with using the highest quality local ingredients, Nidhoggr Mead was created- a respectful nod to the past and an optimistic look to the future.
Honouring Tradition, Elevating Taste
Honouring the legacy of Norse culture, we craft each batch meticulously with locally and sustainably harvested Yorkshire honey, paying homage to the ancient techniques that ensure the highest quality and authenticity in every bottle.
Created with you in mind, Nidhoggr mead embodies meticulous attention to detail—from its elevated alcohol content to its harmonious, balanced flavours. This all-important balance stays true to its namesake, Níðhögg, the ancient serpent dragon who provided a necessary dark balance to the world’s good.
“At Nidhoggr Mead, our commitment to tradition runs deep. We revere the ancient techniques of mead-making as a tribute to Norse mythology. Through these time-honoured methods, we honour the legacy that defines our craft.” Peter Michael Taylor-Founder of Nidhoggr Mead.
Invoking the spirit of community
With the ultimate goal to make mead the favoured drink for all once again, the Nidhoggr Mead mission transcends simply crafting a drink; it's about invoking the spirit of community and celebration that mead has embodied throughout the ages.
With each bottle, we invite you to join our epic journey, savouring not just the unique flavours of our mead, but experiencing a slice of history and a taste of divine mysticism—an ode to the richness of tradition and the timeless essence of Nidhoggr mead.

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