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The Jorvik Centre

If you go to the JORVIK Viking Centre you are standing on the site which revealed some of the most famous and astounding discoveries in modern archaeology, so, it is fitting that your first experience at JORVIK is an exploration of the Coppergate dig, with a fully immersive display taking you back to the 1970s. Here you will hear the stories of the archaeologists who were involved in this revolutionary excavation and helped piece together the story of the Vikings of Jorvik, where they came from, how they lived, died and where they travelled to.

The sights, sounds and even the smells of the Viking Age are brought vividly back to life as you journey back 1,000 years, with more attention given to the environmental evidence from the Coppergate dig. 

After the ride you get to see a multitude of artefacts that were recovered from the Coppergate dig and see things that were part of a Vikings everyday life.

This is a very special place to us so please do visit if you can it is fun for all the family and very educational too.

Find out more about them and their wonderful work into Viking history by following their Twitter, Facebook and website here!

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