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The British Beekeepers Association



As a mead company there is nothing more important to us than the wonderful creators of our main ingredient, HONEY!

Bees are wonderful creatures but they are under threat.
Many pollinators are disappearing at alarming rates, especially native bees (such as bumble bees and solitary bees). Honey bees are also in trouble these days, with beekeepers reporting heavy winter and even summer losses.
The solution to pollinator health is not a simple one. Pesticides are weakening pollinator immune systems, leaving them more open to diseases and parasites. Healthy food sources and places to nest are disappearing, with “pollinator deserts” replacing once abundant wildflower meadows. People are moving honey bees and bumble bees around commercially, narrowing their genetic diversity and spreading bee parasites and pathogens in the process.
Habitat loss, acute and chronic pesticide poisoning, diseases and parasites, increasing intensification of conventional farming, and even the impacts of climate change are all taking their toll on bee health. Many of our bees are sick, stressed, and undernourished. 
But everyone can help save bees!
Help British Beekeepers Association raise funds for research into the threats honeybees face 
  • Every year the British Beekeepers Association selects scientific projects from a wide range of subjects that benefit bees and beekeeping.  These might include bee behaviour, bee husbandry, pollination, forage or the environment. 
  • Grants are given to researchers on a rolling basis throughout the year - that way if someone has a particularly brilliant idea they do not have to wait until they can apply they can do it straight away.
Please donate to help further this work using the link below:
Save the Bees Appeal -